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A multi-purpose domain, hosts a number of personal and community-oriented properties, runs the listservs, the blogs, the email, media & experiments. Some stuff is visible and some isn't, all subject to the whims and follies of their creators.

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Most Interesting Photos of Street Art 2011

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The Undercover Bonobos is G. Wood's music project. Their debut CD No One's Ark on One Off Rekerdz represents some of the best independent music available today.

Rick Plavnicky is an average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker having his way with technology for fun and profit. These are his personal pages.   Rick Plavnicky is your average shaved-head, fire-juggling biker who has his way with technology for fun and profit. This is his blog.   Riverbend is a beautiful, diverse community in central New Jersey. The Riverbend Community Web site is provided by as a public service.   Learn about Raider Robotix 2010 LEGO Robotics Camp!